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Residents of the Pashupati old-age home take their meal during a 'Dar Khaane' program, celebrated on the day prior to the Teej festival, organized by Nagarik Daily and Nepal Police officials at Pashupati Temple premises on Wednesday. (NN/Narayan Maharjan)


Farmer disperses fertiliser in a paddy field at Khokana on Tuesday. The use of fertilizers for increasing productivity has gone up significantly in the last few decades in Nepal. (NN/Narayan Maharjan)


A few people walk towards Gokarna Temple, on the wee hours of morning, to observe Kushe Aunsi, a day celebrated as father's day by Nepali Hindus, on Monday. Devotees take a holy dip at the Bagmati River flowing along the Gokarna Temple on this day. (NN/Narayan Maharjan)


Hundreds of people gather at the Bagmati River bank along Gokarna Temple on Father's day, popularly known as Kushe Aunsi or buwa ko mukh herne din, on Monday. Nepali Hindus honour their fathers on this day as per the "Pitri Devo Bhawa" tradition. (NN/ Narayan Maharjan)

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  • Alternative track on Araniko Highway is READY

    The alternative track dug by businessmen on Araniko Highway to resume China trade is ready. The track will be operational in a week, according to people involved in the construction.

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